Rangers on the Howling River

Bandits on the Howling River

First adventure

In an effort to curb the increased amount of criminal activity along the river systems, the River Trade Commission Marines and Grayson’s Gray Rangers have formed a joint task force. The druid Ranger Vadhor Ahearn was given command of this small force: Rhuna, a human Marine sorcerer. Jon, Rhuna’s compatriot and sorcerer in training. SilverDew, an alakar druid recruited from the rangers. Teirnan, a korindian warrior, another ranger pulled for his training in boating.

The team’s first assignment is a standard patrol of the Howling River, reports had been coming in of attacks on the small fishing camps that set up this time of year. The team rafted down the river until the spotted a column of large smoke. Pulling over to investigate the found a fishing camp destroyed with bandits burning the bodies. Three of the bandits were quickly eliminated, the fourth surrendered.

The captive, Jase, was a local. He admitted to the banditry but said he’d never killed anyone. He told them that the ‘bandits’ were attacking the camps, kidnapping some, and killing the rest. In exchange for kind words at his trial he led them further upriver to the bandits main campground. They bypassed the lookout but as soon they entered the camp the fury was unleashed.

The bandits were swiftly dealt, most fighting to the death, some lived and were taken prisoner. The team rescued a number of hostages and brought back to base to tend their wounds.

In the bandit leaders tent a large number of dispatches written in Camon were found. The team brought these to Vadhor for translation.



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